How to choose your wedding photographer:

Here’s some handy hints on how to choose your wedding photographer for your wedding day, from the perspective of a wedding photographer.

My three tips on selecting a photographer are:

  • Choose your style
  • Know your budget
  • Like your photographer

Choosing your style: There are many different types and styles of photography.  Pick the style that you love and look for a photographer that specialises in it.  If you’re not sure, spend time looking at a range of portfolios and make sure you like the body of work as it will be this style they capture on your wedding day.

I’m a documentary wedding photographer so I shoot in an unobtrusive way, capturing the moments and emotions of the day and pulling together a ‘documented’ story of what happened at your wedding – that’ everything from getting ready shots in the morning, the special details of the day (flowers, rings, place-settings etc) through to the dancing in the evening.

If you choose me as your photographer I also dedicate time during the day to capture some very special images of the two of you together, away from guests and family.

I provide colour and black and white images, and will also take a limited number of formal portraiture style shots.  To find out more about how I shoot a wedding click here.


Know your budget: I’ve two lines of thought on this.  Firstly, spend as much as you can afford on your photography, after the guests leave, the flowers have gone and the honeymoon is over, you want something beautiful that is going to transport you back to that happy day.  A good photographer and in turn a good set of wedding photography images does exactly that.

Secondly, find out what’s included in the photographers standard package, the hours they will shoot and what you will receive after the wedding day.  Give some consideration to any of the extras you may want, like an engagement shoot, a second photographer, signing boards and prints.

You can see my pricing collections here.  My Collection One package is the most popular.  It includes extensive wedding day coverage, a beautiful Queensberry 10×10 album, a memory stick of all your images in hi and low resolution and a slideshow of your images.

If you would like a second photographer, an engagement shoot or any other services then please talk to me, I can organise it all for you with minimal fuss.

Like your Photographer: If you’re going to spend one of the most important days of your life with somebody other than the people you’ve chosen to be at your wedding day, then you’ve got to like them right?

Having a raport and a connection with your photographer is vitally important, you’re trusting them with making you feel comfortable in front of camera and capturing the emotions of your day.  They’re going to be there as you get ready, as you push the ring onto your partners finger, the first kiss, through to the last dance, so spend time talking to them and understanding how they will approach your day.

Whether you book with me or not, I will always have an initial meeting or video call with you to talk through your wedding day and what you have planned.  You can tell me about what’s important, the guests travelling from afar, or the table settings that your granny has spent hours designing.  I will tell you about how I will capture your day, and you can quiz me on anything you want, from the kit I use to how I handle nervous brides.  I will share some work with you that I think talks to your venue or style of wedding and you can then chat with your partner about whether I’m right.  It’s a completely relaxed and non-sales driven conversation.

You can browse my portfolio here or take a look at some more recent weddings here.  If you’d like to chat through your wedding day plans then please do get in contact, I’d love to hear from you.


Get in touch, I would love to hear more about your day.

If you’d like to chat more about your wedding photography, without commitment, I’d be happy to talk. You can either drop me an email or call me on 07918086419.

Alternatively you can complete your details on this form and I will get back to you shortly.


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