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National Wedding Show Photographer

Being a wedding photographer is a privileged role, sharing what is most likely one of the best days of a couple’s life, a day that is very personal, hugely important and a key milestone memory for them.

As we creep towards the National Wedding Show, I’ve asked myself, what does a wedding mean to me as a photographer?

I believe wedding days are about capturing the essence of 3 things: Emotion, Electricity and Expectation.   For me, it’s about the art rather than the science of photography. It’s undeniable that the equipment and the settings are important, but not as pivotal as capturing the moment.

Each wedding is its own unique event, and capturing these moments is always tricky, especially when they come thick and fast during the day.

Bride crying at desintation wedding

Wedding day mornings are usually emotionally charged affairs as brides and grooms prepare themselves by putting together carefully choreographed outfits and accessories. A pause to remember as the family heirloom is shared, weeping as wedding gifts are exchanged and kind words delivered. Then tender moments between mums, dads, brothers, sisters and best friends as the hour arrives. These are the page-pausers of a wedding album.

national wedding show photographer

The electricity builds as cars whisk people to ceremony venues in the nick of time.  Guests start pouring in as Ushers and Groomsman desperately try to remember what they’re role is.  Joyful faces, fancy outfits and a buzz of being part of a truly special moment hangs in the air.

guest carrying a bridesmaid at wedding

As the final moments fall upon us, as the hush descends, the nerves jangle and the expectation builds.  From the charged atmosphere of expectation, a door opens pouring in light upon delighted smiles.

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And so the cycle starts again, more emotion, electricity and expectation as the brides arrives, the speeches begin, the cake is cut and the first dance signals partying till dawn.

bridesmaids eating cake at wedding day

guests partying at wedding

I try to capture all these shots in an unobtrusive style, without intruding, just documenting the day as I see it.

And this is what it’s about for me. Being part of the moment. Of course you can predict the timing of the car arriving or the cutting of the cake, but being in the moment is about sensing what’s important to people, what they will treasure for years to come and for this photographer that’s about the emotion, electricity and expectation.

If you’re visiting the National Wedding Show at Olympia in September then please come and visit me, I would love to chat about capturing your special moments.



National Wedding Show, London Olympia,
23-25 September 2016


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