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At your wedding I will focus on telling the story of your day in an authentic and creative way. I won’t interfere with what is happening around me and let your day unfold naturally – the way you intended.

I  look to capture those real moments that reveal themselves at every wedding – unique to you, your family and your guests, stitching these together to make your wedding day story emotive and real.

I’m a wedding photographer who only gives direction during the portraits and group photos.

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Most of all I want to document your day in a natural and creative way, giving you a set of images that you will treasure forever. Some might wow you straight away, some might be growers and some might just be simple moments that remind you of that person.

I want my photos to make you feel something and transport you back to the moment, so I work hard on making sure you and your guests feel relaxed around me. This helps me deliver more natural, real wedding stories as people grow comfortable around me.


Sometimes you can look at a photo and feel the emotion, sense the feelings of the people in it. More often than not, this comes from being close to the subject, transporting you into the moment.

You don’t get this feeling when your photographer is on a long lens, hiding behind a tree.

I work hard to blend into your day, feeling more like a guest with a camera than a photographer. Being in plain sight is the best way to remain invisible.

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By now you will have probably seen enough of my photography to identify with the warm and emotive style. You will see lots of little moments, quiet moments alongside the raucous party moments.

My work plays with light and shadows and my finshed images are a mix of colour and black and white depending on the moment.

I focus on people and the connections between you and your guests – the images that I believe you will hand down from generation to generation. You won’t find me balancing a ring on a shoe or a wine glass – it’s just not my style.


On the day itself, Damion slotted straight in and it honestly felt like having another friend by my side while we were all getting ready. Our family and friends loved Damion and I’m really pleased we had moments where we could all pause and chat throughout the day. We were easy going and so was he, so it was a perfect match.

Damion effortlessly balanced the need to pre-plan shots with the need to adapt to changing needs on the day. His lighting during the (outdoors and twilight) dinner was incredible – those shots are some of our favourites because he was able to capture the rapturous laughter and joy of the speeches in a natural light that sparkles when you look back.

The ‘newlywed’ shots are simply stunning – it’s hard to choose which to frame. Damion was also really respectful of our time which meant we didn’t need to spend hours away from our guests but also didn’t have to compromise on getting the perfect shot.

In my view, the photos are one of the most important parts of a wedding because they inform many of your memories for years to come. When we look back now, and when we look back in the future, Damion’s photos will instantly bring back the warmth and happiness we felt on that perfect day in Provence. And for that, we can’t thank you enough, Damion.

Julia & Mark

Wedding Client, Provence


I really enjoy this part of the day, it’s a chance to make some beautiful portraits of the two of your together.

I prefer to capture your portrait photographs when the light is best, usually around an hour before sunset. It also means you’ve had time to relax and socialise with guests.

Most couples feel nervous about having their portraits taken, it’s natural. I make it a fun and relaxed 25-30 minutes, with no silly poses or overly cliche shots – Just elegant portraits of the two of you.

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You might not realise it yet but these photographs are important and there will be a time when you are glad you took them.

Whether it is for Mum’s mantlepiece or for Grandads wall, these photos will be shared with future generations of your family, so it’s important to get a handful of well taken family portraits.

I always recommend trying to keep them to 10 or less so you can spend as much time enjoying your wedding reception as possible.


I am a huge believer in wedding albums. I think it’s how images are best enjoyed. I cannot stress enough how much of a beautiful family heirloom your wedding album will become and how treasured it will be for future generations.

Pictures deserve to be printed and well thumbed, and not kept on USB’s in the desk drawer or as a screensaver on a social profile.

For my albums, you pick the images and I work on the design with you.

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I’m an experienced documentary wedding photographer and this means I bring all that experience to your day. Whether it’s tricky low light, fast moving days, once in a lifetime moments or a calm and steady hand to ensure you’re relaxed and can focus on the day while I focus on the shots.

Your wedding day deserves to be capured beautifully.

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Get in touch, I would love to hear more about your day.

If you’d like to chat more about your wedding photography, without commitment, I’d be happy to talk. You can either drop me an email or call me on 07918086419.

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