[T]his weekend I was delighted to capture Tat and David’s Richmond Park engagement shoot.  After a false start due to poor weather, we were owed some sunshine and it certainly delivered.

This time of year Richmond Park is full of autumnal colours, and with the soft November sun lifting the red’s, yellows and oranges, it made for a lovely afternoon of shooting and catching up with Tat and David on their wedding plans.

Tat and David are getting married around the corner at the Richmond Hill Hotel, a stunning wedding venue overlooking Richmond Park, offering a stylish and elegant wedding setting.  Choosing Richmond Park for their engagement shoot was a simple decision, with the couple having spent many happy hours in the park over the years it was a natural location choice for their pre-wedding shoot.

Whilst we were shooting Tat informed me they were hoping to use one of the photographs as an invitation to their wedding guests, and we struck upon the idea of using the iconic river view at the top of Richmond Hill, right outside their wedding venue as the invite shot.  With the sun just beginning to set we captured some sun kissed silhouettes of them with the winding river in the background – I’m looking forward to seeing the invitations and how they reflect what’s sure to be a lovely wedding day.

Engagement shoots with me are a very relaxed affair.  We walk, we chat and we get to know each other, not dwelling in one area for too long.  My intention is to get you comfortable with me, get you used to the camera and deliver you some memorable and cherished shots of a happy period of your life together.  It’s a great ice-breaker if you’re uncomfortable in front of camera or nervous about your wedding photography and is included as part of my Collection One package.



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