Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake


Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

The engagement news is made public and now it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams. Wedding planning is stressful at times, balancing who to invite and who not to invite (see my guide on this), arranging cars, photographers, make-up artists and venues, all while picking the perfect favours for the table…But it’s not all blood, sweat and tears, especially when it comes to the cake!

Who doesn’t want to go cake tasting and have an array of deliciousness laid out in front of you to devour?

Here’s my seven tips on how to pick the best wedding cake for your wedding:

top tips for choosing your wedding cake

#1 Have Your Wedding Guest List Ready

Get your priorities straight. You cannot jump straight into picking a wedding cake before finalising your date, the venue and the number of people on your wedding guest list. Your wedding cake will be made based on the number of guests invited to your day, so before you go searching for master bakers to bake you the perfect wedding cake, make sure you have the number of guests attending virtually finalised.

#2 Set a Realist Wedding Cake Budget

You’re finally ready to take the leap and spend the rest of your life with the person you love; you have picked the gorgeous most stunning wedding dress ever; you’re done with all the cumbersome wedding planning work – now all that’s left is to go bananas on cake tasting sessions. What could possibly go wrong, right? Maybe just the budget! Wedding cakes, especially bespoke wedding cakes with intricate design and hours of time invested on them are naturally expensive. You should first allocate a budget on how much you want to spend before you start your cake tasting hunt. It helps you save time and stay focused when you get the sugar rush.

#3 Be Clear About the Design You Want for Your Wedding Cake

Like all things wedding, couples usually have a very clear vision about how they want certain things to look on the big day. If you’ have a clear vision of how you would like you wedding cake to look, be very clear when talking to the baker. You can always use Pinterest and Instagram for wedding cakes inspiration and take a picture with you to your baker for clarity. Seeing a picture can be super helpful for the baker to fully appreciate what you have in mind.

#4 Keep Up with the Overall Wedding Vibe

Make sure you choose your wedding cake with the theme of your wedding in mind. What sort of wedding are you planning? Is it a bohemian inspired beach wedding? Is it happening at a country mansion with very traditional interior design? Do you envision it to be rustic, cozy and intimate?

It’s not just the design and frosting of your cake that should blend in with the wedding theme, the flavours should also work alongside your menu options.

#5 Did You Know You Can Get Fake Wedding Tiers?

One of the first questions you will grapple with after choosing the type of cake filling is the size of the cake. Most couples want their wedding cake to stand out on the table or even make a grand statement, but wedding cakes are usually priced by the slice. You would not want to order a five tier cake for an intimate gathering but that does not mean you can’t make a statement. This is where fake tiers come in, allowing you to add tiers for the look you’re aiming for.

#6 Take a Chance with Your Signature Flavour

You don’t always have to play by the traditional wedding rules and pick the popular flavours. If you and your partner have a personal favourite, something that totally defines you both, you should totally go for that. Your wedding day should be a reflection of what makes you happy. Just find yourself a baker who’s expert in those flavours. And don’t forget to go cake tasting before you seal the deal.

#7 Don’t Put Your Cake in the Corner

Every wedding I go to the cake is left in the corner, feeling a little sorry for itself. It makes sense as the venue staff don’t want it to get damaged. But it does not make a great photo.

When I photograph the cake I like to place it into the middle of the room and gather guests around as the couple make the first cut, normally to a count down from 10. I just think these are the little differences that a professional wedding photographer brings – you’ve got an image with the bride and groom, the cake and the guests, rather than a pokey corner with a bland wall. 

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