Wedding Albums

photographs shouLd be seen and not stored

If I can give wedding couples one piece of advice it would be to invest in a wedding album.  Photos should be seen and not stored…It’s why I offer a very high quality wedding album as part of my pricing collections.

A beautifully designed and curated wedding album not only brings the memories of your wedding day flooding back every time you turn the cover, but it becomes a family keepsake and a cherished record of your life together.

Of course you will have all of the images in digital format, but how often do you open your computer to look at pictures?  You may print a few of your favourites to hang in the house, but that will never encapsulate the story of your day, the little details, the moments and emotions.

A well designed wedding album with a collection of images (that you choose) helps you appreciate all the feelings and emotions you had throughout the day, telling the narrative of your day from getting ready in the morning to partying in the evening.

I choose wedding album manufacturers that deliver exceptional quality and workmanship, presenting your images the way they should be enjoyed.


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