Who To Invite On Your Wedding Day


Who To Invite On Your Wedding Day?

I’m just going to throw it out there – making a wedding guest list is one of the trickiest parts of the whole wedding planning routine. It’s definitely not as fun as tasting cakes for the big day, nor as joyous as trying on your wedding dress with the girls. Unless you’re planning on keeping your wedding reception small and intimate with only closest family members and friends, you’re going to need help curating the perfect wedding guest list for your big day.

Here’s my top tips on how to create your ultimate wedding guest list:

#1 Determine Your A-List Guests

Just because you have a few cocktails with that lovely couple on holiday, doesn’t mean that they are your best buds and should be a part of your wedding. When it comes to finalising a wedding guest list you need a very clear number in mind, tailored to how many people you can accommodate at your reception.

You and your partner’s immediate family; extended family members; your closest friends; your co-workers and colleagues and people who you genuinely feel connected to spiritually and emotionally should be your A-list wedding guests.

#2 Talk To Your Partner and The Family

Communication is the key to planning a great wedding. Before you start listing people you’d want to see on your wedding, it’s essential to get your fiancé on board. Ask how many people they are expecting to invite and take things from there. If your parents or soon-to-be in-law are paying for the wedding, they might be expecting to invite a few guests of their own, so it’s helpful to consult with them before finalising your list.

#3 Do The ‘One Year’ Test

If you have exceeded your number of wedding guests and are having trouble cutting people out – quickly perform the ‘one year’ test. Any wedding guest you felt a little ‘iffy’ about before adding to your list, ask yourself if you have met them or at least communicated with them regularly in the last 12 months? If not, it might be a determining factor to remove them from the invites.

#4 Don’t Let Guest List Regret Get You Down

It is totally normal for both bride and groom to make some tough and apparently un-pleasant decisions when inviting wedding guests but you have to stand your ground. Remember – it’s your big day and your happiness is the only thing that matters. Wedding venues have a limited capacity and so does your wedding budget, no matter how much you’d like to invite everyone you know to your big day you have to limit the number. As long as the people that mean the most to you are there, it’s okay to let some people go and not feel guilt about it.

#5 Keep Track of all The Invitations You Send

Thanks to technology there are a gazillion ways of sending wedding invites now and even more ways to receive the confirmation. Make sure to keep track of everyone you send your invites to and receive confirmations from. Post, emails, Whatsapp (if you’re that close) don’t miss a response that may lead to any awkward conversations later. Creating a list on the Excel or keeping the good old bridal journal would really come in handy here.

#6 Don’t Go Around Inviting People Verbally

Stick to your original A-list when inviting wedding guests. It’s really important. But what do you do when you run into an old pal at a cake tasting or in a bridal shop trying on dresses? Well – you greet, you reminisce but don’t go saying ‘Hey! You should come to my wedding’ – unless of course you have left a margin for unexpected guests and have arrangements to accommodate them at the last minute.

#7 Factor in Plus-One’s, Children & Teens

Whether you label yourself as a hopeless romantic or not – most people already have a vision and a dream about how they want their wedding to go. Even if you don’t want yours to be all whimsical and magical and storybook, it’s still okay to stick to your original vision and create your wedding guest list accordingly. People who like intimate weddings usually don’t invite plus-ones. People who like sophisticated and elegant weddings sometimes don’t invite children and teens. And it’s totally alright to want things your way – just be sure to mention it on your invite.

#8 Do It Together

Planning a wedding can be stressful . Make sure you have your partner by your side as you make these important decisions. Supporting each other goes a long way in planning the best day of your life.

#9 Don’t Forget Your Photographer

When it comes to picking your photographer you want someone who can get along with your guests and make them feel relaxed and comfortable in front of camera. I put effort into making sure I am unobtrusive yet friendly and jovial when I need to lead people or provide guidance. 

You spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day so it’s vital you get along and feel comfortable in each others company.  My easy-going nature helps people relax around me, and in turn means I get a more natural and real imagery.  You can read a little more about my advice on picking your wedding photographer here. 

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